Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Stove at the White Palace Kitchen

...which is 100 m dislocated and connected with underground tunnel
with the White Palace Building...
HM King Alexander did not like the food odour around!


Bibi said...

Hi, Paja! Been wondering where you've been, and now I see you've been hanging around the kitchen at Beli Dvor. I like this stove, the tiles,.... France's Louis XIV did not like food odors either, and as a result, ate cold food a lot, given the distance it had to travel.

Vlada Jablanov said...

uuuu...sjajno si ga uslikao, majstore

Lucien Warmerdam said...

remarkable, but wat a beautiful kitchen stove!
I must say you've made some beautiful pictures!
Lucien Warmerdam