Monday, 23 February 2009

The Bench & the Booth


Bibi said...

Hi, Paja! Cold and lonely photo, just like our weather has been.

I enlarged the photo and searched for a boot all over, but then realized you must have meant "booth"!


Igor Ursić Paja said...

Misspelling Bibi!


It was cold that night beside the river...

Jacob said...

To cold to sit and too cold to phone. Time to go home.

Igor Ursić Paja said...

That is right Jacob.
My wife and daughters were not keen for any walking at that moment!

Greensboro Daily Photo said...


Just out for a virtual stroll and enjoying "Jedna fotka" Belgrade! Stop by Greensboro, NC, USA, when time permits!

Greensboro Daily Photo

P.S. How funny! The google/blogger word verification looks like it must mean something in Serbian: jokasam

Babooshka said...

It's cold outside but the orange glow makes the image on fire with warmth.